Polarized Sound

by Miinuush

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released December 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Miinuush Phoenix, Arizona

Composing music since who knows when, recording since 2009, playing live since this past May, just dropped album #4.

Miinuush means "cat" in the Cree Native American language. Like a cat, I can be soft and sleepy until something gets to me. Then everyone hears about it! =^.^=
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Track Name: My Roommate's Ceiling Fan Broke
My roommate's ceiling fan broke
Across the room flew a blade
While of mundane things we spoke
A great big mess could have been made

It's always hot up in this place
Hundred degrees and no A/C
Buckets of sweat drip down my face
How can something like this be

Round and round watch it spin
'Til it cracks and wears thin
Turning turning oh so fast
Nothing can forever last

We heard a sound and ran to see
A great big dent in the wall
This could be a task for me
Because I am so fucking tall



My roommate fixed her ceiling fan
Shiny new blades spin with ease
Smoother than the last one ran
The room is once more filled with breeze

Round and round watch it spin
Fill the air with wind again
Turning turning oh so fast
I hope this new fan's gonna last
Track Name: Storm '13
Big dark puffy clouds
Distant rumbling
Feel your hair standing on end
Smell the ozone
Track Name: Stumptown
There's a bit of a bump as the plane touches down
It's pleasant comfy weather
Welcome to beautiful Stumptown
But will I return here ever

I've been living in the desert
Endless sunshine and heat
I've been looking for my pleasure
A nice rainy day can't be beat

I wanna move here
I wanna call this city my home
I wanna live here
I wanna call this city my own

When you owe bucks they can throw you in jail
But that's desperation I guess
My life could turn into such an epic fail
Or maybe a big huge success



I'll go to work in an employee owned place
Find me a mate and settle down
Set up my equipment in our new space
And paint my landscapes made of sound


Hold a great big yard sale
Sell all my crap for cash
Pack what's left in the car and high tail
Just me and the road and my cats


Na na na na....
Yeah yeah yeah yeah....
Huh huh huh huh....
Track Name: Push It Up Your Tush
I'm sick of working 7 days and missing out on my sleep
14 hours, overnighters, what a pain in the bleep
How do you keep up for more than a decade
How do you put up with no overtime paid

You sent me to another country while I'm still sick
Insurance don't kick in til the 1st, that's a dirty trick
I made my decision and I made it right quick
Where the Sun don't shine, this job you can stick

Make me do all this extra work and not pay me for it. "Oh no, you're on salary we can do whatever the hell we want with your time." Like my personal life don't matter.
And all I get's a fucking day off, whoopee shit, that's a slap in the face.
So now you have the nerve to send an unfinished product to a customer and expect me to go out there and finish it, yeah real classy.
So there I am at the client site, upper management is getting irate, and now you tell me a feature they paid for hasn't even been developed yet?
Gimme one reason to stick around long enough for you to send me back up there and cheat me out of a paid holiday!

(Push it up your tush, push it up your tush....)


I'm hungry and thirsty and feel like I'm gonna die
No vegetarian restaurants nearby
Drive 80 kilometers into the city
When people hear that they give me their pity

But I won't suffer, I won't cry
Pretty soon back home I will fly
This is a place I've been wanting to see
My ancestral homeland it always will be
Track Name: There Is So Much Wrong in This World
There is so much wrong in this world
Humanity has come unfurled
Eyes bulge, hands claw, teeth bared, lips curled
When I saw that I about hurled

Racism and misogyny
Workplace pay inequality
Denied rights to LGBT
Discrimination angers me

Speak of freedom but hurt those in need
Speak of health care but then ban weed
Companies grow food that won't seed
Lots of people driven by greed


Factories polluting our airs
Wars in the names of men upstairs
Not enough ice for polar bears
The beaurocracy says who cares

Animals are tortured for food
Rainforests are ravaged for wood
To cease greenhouse gas would be good
Might be too late but try we should


I hold dear a nice fantasy
Do away with all currency
Maintain work we do already
Only then will people be free
Track Name: My Hand Feels Naked
My hand feels naked without your ring
But you've been treating me like a thing
I won't let you walk on me so I'm a stop acting like a mat
You can't keep guilting me with this, these, those, and that

I feel so awful now that you're not here
I may not love again for a year
But you have your bad days too and when you're down I comfort you
So when I'm the one who's down don't blame me for being blue
I can't count how many times I've just about said we're through


My hand feels naked without your ring
You can't keep treating me like a thing
I need someone I don't have to handle with a glove
Someone who's my everything and I can't live without their love

My hand feels naked without your ring

You can't keep treating me like a thing

I need somebody who's everything

I so miss hearing you when you sing

My hand feels naked without your ring
Track Name: Snaps Emit Time Spans
To call a cot in a vegan age van I stare: nine rats.
Evade no tone, not one, Dave. Handel bled? Nah.
A lot not new I saw as I went on to L.A.
Stop and deliver reviled DNA pots.

I'm a dog, a god am I. Tao banana boat.
Go, data dog! He peed deep, eh?
Ma is a nose, son, as I am.
I'm a lass, salami. A pet on a note, Pa.

Tee frets bold lobster feet. Tangelo hole gnat.
No, we both sift as a sat fish to be won.
Evil as tuna nuts alive. Well, I'm ill, ew.
Set tall lattes. Salad, alas.

To case tar cost Socrates a cot.
Ere, Hera staff, I murder red rum if fats are here.
Debbi fibbed. But Adele led a tub.
He frees Deborah, a robed seer, feh!

See pure rupees. Tons of UFO snot.
One noon haboob, ah, no one, no.
Bald row at a word lab. Sedona anodes.
Snaps emit time spans. Moody song, nosy doom!
Track Name: Favorite Dream
Is the atmosphere water or air?
Man with a speaker over there
Beautiful surroundings and I just stare
Daylight and blue sky everywhere

I live on a glass disc along a big rope
Someone came over and this to me spoke:
"Come out with us and join all the folk!"
I was so young I could only say nope

Lots of people swimming in the sky
And I will join them by and by
The luminous azure of the day
In my home it fades away

Secure alone in the comfort of my bed
Stunning deep violet skies above my head
Ten thousand stars all shining so bright
How can location turn day into night?


So many people born, the rope is getting tall
Our little world can't handle it all
To cut the rope in sections, there's been talk
Place them side by side, each its own stalk

Browsing a store with odd items out of reach
Coat hangers magenta, chartreuse, and peach
A small little flashlight I'm showing you
With a phosphorescent cover glowing blue
Track Name: This Is My Expression
I'll write a damn instrumental if I want to
I'll write a rap if I feel like it
I won't sing you a song just 'cuz I have to
This is my expression, take it or leave it